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Coastal Graphics 7 LLC. is a well established, professional and family owned graphic design/install company located on the east coast of Virginia. We have a reputation for our high quality of unique graphic workmanship, competitive rates, fast turn around time along with full factory warranties.

We offer a vast range of Graphic Applications, and Products such as custom 3M 8-year graphic wraps, 8-year colored and textured paint wraps, clear paint protection wraps, 3M reflective stripes and logos, 3M reflective law enforcement and rescue graphics, 3M reflective wraps, interior and exterior signs, wall murals, floor graphics, window graphics, stickers, banners, apparel, uniforms, promo products, awards, and bulk merchandise/supplies. 

Graphic design is available for all applications. Our friendly, professional, and cost-effective one stop service is guaranteed to meet all your graphics, apparel, and marketing needs with quality products that you can depend on. 

Coastal Graphics originated in the custom marine and custom car industry where quality and durability is required for success. We knows what it takes for success and we know how to produce reflective graphics, graphic wraps, paint wraps, and custom apparel that perform under the constant harsh conditions that  Law Enforcement and Emergency Responders  may experience.
We offer many different products for Law Enforcement and Emergency Response Departments. We have worked with multiple city and state Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, Harbor Patrol and Marine Police departments to provide updated and existing design graphic files for marked patrol vehicles, motorcycles, boats along with specialty vehicles  Our services include marked patrol unit design of your existing graphics, updated design of your existing graphics and custom designed packages to meet your requirements, custom designed 3M wraps, 3M colored/metallic/pearl paint, t-shirts, hoodies, and jackets for all departments.

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     First impressions are important for prospective clients, and Coastal Graphics 7 LLC can produce the right image for            your company or department. Offering a complete sign, mural, wrap, and logo design service starting from YOUR  first                                                         initial idea or from an existing logo, badge. crest or design layout.


                                                         We offer consultation through the entire design process.   

Our clients benefit by our firm utilizing the latest in Wide Format Printing/Cutting Technology by Roland DGA for superior

quality, color, and production. All graphic films are coupled with 3M over laminates applied by high quality Daige

Lamination Machines to ensure a long life span that has a superior finish.

Continual investment in the latest technology allows our company to offer a fast turn around time on production, and still produce the highest quality products available. Coastal Graphics LLC takes pride in customer appreciation, quality control, and consistent production procedures.

All Graphic Wraps, Paint Wraps, and Reflective Graphic Packages
 Come With A Full Factory Warranty.

Custom Safety Apparel

Cad-Printz are one the lightest imaging process available for white or colored garments.
Cad-Printz are 50-75% lighter than traditional screen printing, and will not crack after a few washes like plastisol screen prints.
Unlike traditional screen printing, Cad-Printz can have unlimited colors and high definition imaging at no extra charge!
Cad-Prints are 100% safe for children to wear, due to a chemical free process!
Eco friendly process.

Cad-Cut material is the lightest imaging process available for colored garments.
Cad-Cut imaging is the "New Age" of traditional screen printing.
Cad-Cut images create the same results as one or two color screen printing processes, without the cracking, peeling or fading.
Cad-Cut is 100% safe for children to wear, due to a chemical free process!
Eco friendly process.
Cad-Cut images will outlive the best of quality garments!

Exclusively from Coastal Graphics  LLC

Patented Design - Hand Made - Fabricated in the 


Constructed from High Grade Marine Vinyl  treated with a anti-bacterial and anti-microbial agent. Double Kevlar stitched seams with 96# thread to provide durability.

The Virginia Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) recognizes and promotes companies/agencies with comprehensive safety and health programs that go beyond VOSH standards to protect workers. Work sites establish a cooperative relationship between management, labor and VOSH; and have safety and health management systems that follow rigorous criteria established by VOSH. Benefits identified by VPP work sites include: improved employee motivation to work safely, leading to better quality and productivity; reduced workers' compensation costs; fewer lost workday injuries; and community recognition.

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Sand Etched Glass

& Mirror Murals

Glass etching on an entrance to a home, office, store, or yacht creates a dramatic first impression. Etched glass entry ways and etched glass doors are elegant and quite sophisticated, modern yet can be very classic. Even the best etched glass design is only as good as the technique used and its execution of the process. Sand etching is a process that involves removing surface layers of glass or mirror using a sand media or frosted vinyl to create a beautiful piece of art.

Custom artwork for your home, office or boat. All sand etchings are limited edition runs due to the process of creating the artwork.

Personal custom request are limited editions to the clients purchase only per order with full property rights to the client for any personal commissioned artwork.

We can provide both types of etched murals, sand blasted etching, chemical etching, or vinyl etching(multi. color available). Even if the frosted glass design is for a stationary piece of glass in an office, restaurant, hospital or an airplane, we have the capability of performing this work on the job site. Utilizing chemical or vinyl etching we have the ability to provide the customer with what they without the dust or use of chemicals of conventional systems, enabling any glass to have a sandblasted appearance anywhere that it may be located, without removing any hardware.

Reversed Etched LED Mirrors

Coastal Graphics has created a new and exciting collection of Back lite LED lighted mirror etchings in custom frames that include battery powered recessed LED lighting.  Great for creating nice mood lighting coupled with beautiful artwork that makes your interior unique to your style. 

We also take special orders on the reverse etched mirrors with the same features as above. You can also specify custom wood frame paint or stain color, choose from any type of wood with sizes from 12"x 12"+.